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I am Amy Goodman S.E.A, Sculptor and Portrait Artist based at Project Workshops in Hampshire. I have recently won another exciting commission. Crest Nicholson Plc. along with landscape Architects, Murdoch Wickham, are undertaking the regeneration of the former Arborfield Garrison, and rebranding this newest of garden villages as Arborfield Green. The site was originally established as a horse hospital and veterinary centre for the Remount Depot, established in 1904.
I have had a very clear vision from the very start of a rearing Cleveland Bay gunner from WW1, stocky and muscular, yet magnificent. Rearing against the sky on a mound, with a retaining gabion wall that would be akin to the wall of a trench. His hogged mane and short tail, a subtle indication of his history, without the need for the tack and

ammunition of war. Across from the trench following the edge of the road, a Sports Horse mare will be galloping towards her yearling who will be just ahead of her. Past, present, and future in a flowing equine installation. See link to video:
I am honoured to have previously sculpted 'The Romsey War Horse', 'Pegasus and Bellerophon' for the 16 Air Assault Brigade's HQ in Colchester, as well as the brave Military dog, 'Treo 63DM'. I am currently ‘Artist in Residence’ at Winchester University.
My strength is my ability to work with a diversity of materials and scale, and I love working with clients on a commissioning basis, both for the public and private sphere. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to find out more...

“As long as I can remember I have drawn and sculpted animals, particularly horses. The character
and movement of the subject matter are very important to me - a few strokes of paint or a few
lines of steel can say so much.”
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